Both sides of the Young and Holiday family have been involved in engineering and aviation for many years.

Graham AC Young worked for Concorde in Bristol for the duration of the project as part of BAC Bristol. Graham AC Young was proud to work for BAC and his son Barry Young can recall being taken to see the first inaugural test flight from Filton, Bristol. Many years later Barry Young would fly on Concorde with a sense of pride that his father worked for Aerospace Bristol.

Pictured below, the Concorde Factory Bristol.

Video below, the Concorde Factory Bristol.
Graham AC Young letter from Bristol Aircraft Limited

Graham AC Young’s Concorde BAC Fairford pass
Pictured below, Concorde at BAC Fairford Hangar

Pictured below, Concord's inaugural test flight from Filton, Bristol.

The other grandfather LAC William Holiday was a Royal Airforce Leading Aircraftman in 222 (Natal) Squadron, and worked in a crack team at Coolham Airfield, a secret D-Day fighter station for Supermarine Spitfires and P-51 Mustangs. Many pilots from the F-Day fighter station were already heavily decorated heroes of the Battle of Britain. 

Pictured below fourth from top left in the polo neck, LAC William Holiday, Royal Airforce Leading Aircraftman 222 (Natal) Squadron taken in 1944 from Coolham Airfield secret D-Day fighter station. 

LAC William Holiday service and release book

LAC William Holiday 222 (Natal) Squadron Patch

LAC William Holiday service and release book

LAC William Holiday service and release book

Pictured below is King George V memorial card verse

 Pictured below is the crew of B-26 Marauder Flounder Gus - the American connection at Coolham Airfield. 

Pictured below, 222 (Natal) Squadron at Coolham Airfield

Rework Engineering was founded my Max Young in 2010 having already restored several Jeep’s from 1977 - 1986 era. The Workshop was based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. 

Rework Engineering Printed Emblem

Rework Engineering Octane Magazine Advertising.

Rework Engineering Custom Vin Plates

Rework Engineering Various Double Page Spread Advertising.

Rework Engineering Hertfordshire UK Workshop.

Rework Engineering Hertfordshire UK Workshop.



Max Young currently works in Aircraft Engineering. Having covered both business aviation engineering and commercial aviation engineering for many years, Max is currently a senior manager responsible for commercial within a leading Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance organisation based in Valencia, Spain. 

Max Young with the Part 145 Line and Base Maintenance team at Castellón Airport, Spain.